The Central PA region has seen an increase in children vaping nicotine and other substances. Even more concerning are reports that students are sharing their vaping devices and using them to vape THC and other illegal drugs. One of our fears is that students are using vaping devices that have been laced with potentially fatal drugs, such as fentanyl, with or without the student’s knowledge.

Recently, the West Shore School District experienced an incident when Narcan was administered to a Red Land High School student after the student collapsed in school. Thankfully, administering Narcan and a quick response from EMS likely saved this child’s life. 

 In the West Shore Superintendent’s open letter to his families, he urged families to talk to their children about the dangers of sharing electronic smoking devices and the rising occurrences of fentanyl related incidents. He included some links to information and resources for families in having these important conversations.

 HASD has developed partnerships with prevention and treatment providers.  If you would like information on our Student Assistance Program or other resources, please contact your school counselor or building principal.  Heather Crook shared a valuable program in response to vaping is the CONNECT 5: Find the NicoTEEN – Nicotine Cessation Program

We always encourage students to talk to a trusted adult at school if they know about anything that may pose a danger to their classmates or their school.  We also support reporting through the Safe2Say Something program.   It is essential that we all continue to work together to keep our children safe and healthy.