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2019-2020 Changes


While students will continue to be permitted to carry backpacks to and from school, students will no longer be permitted to carry backpacks from class to class and will be required to store backpacks in their lockers. We believe that this decision is in the best interest of the health and safety of our students and will allow them more opportunity to plan and organize as they move through their school day. Also, we will no longer be issuing agenda books. Students have become accustomed to signing  out of class using an electronic system (E-HALLPASS) and accessing assignment, project, and test due dates through CANVAS. The student handbook will be available on the school website in the coming days. Students are welcomed to utilize their own agenda books if desired.

8th Period MESH:

Eighth period MESH will run differently this year. Students will remain in their MESH period (Math, Language Arts, or Science) for a full marking period rather than rotating on a daily basis. Students will move to the next subject (of the three) at the start of each marking period. Social Studies will no longer be included in MESH. Students who are eligible for reading remediation will receive reading instruction in place of MESH subjects during eighth period. Students will return to a daily MESH rotation during the 4th marking period.