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Halifax is using ClassLink for PARENTS

Dear Parents,

We are happy to announce that Halifax Area School District is starting to use new software called ClassLink.  This software has a parent portal which will allow parents to have access to the software and information we use in the district all in one place.  You will no longer have to bookmark and save links to the various sites within the district.

We are just starting to use the portals (there are staff, student and parent portals) and are sending the information out to small groups at a time so we’re not overwhelmed.  Some students, staff and parents are already using the portal and we’d like to have all parents using it now.  Parents do not need separate accounts for each child. Only one login is necessary for all children.

Attached are instructions on how to access the parent portal:   We have a link to it on our District Website too. 

Please feel free to email  with any questions or concerns.  We’d appreciate feedback since it’s so new.

Once logged in, you’ll start noticing more and more information being added as we continue through the year.

Thank you in advance for your assistance; it’s greatly appreciated!


Mindy Lorah


 **** I am finding that the first time you login, it works better on a computer.  Some parents are noticing "glitches" when using a mobile device to set a password the first time.


The ClassLink App for Mobile Devices!!!

Using the APP (parents) - you may download the ClassLink app from your App store.  When you open it and it tells you to search for your school, that is only for students.  Instead, parents should click on "ClassLink Launchpad".  This will take you to a login page where you will enter your email address and password you just created when you registered at the link above.  Leave the School Code Blank and click Sign in.