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Superintendent Evaluation 2019 and 2020.

Evaluation for Dr. David Hatfield 2019

Pennsylvania law requires the Board of School Directors to evaluate the superintendent annually against a series of objective performance standards.  The Board completed its formal evaluation of Dr. David Hatfield.  The evaluation centered around a series of categories, including: 

  • Shared Values
  • Culture of Learning
  • Decision Making
  • Management
  • Family and Community
  • Ethics
  • Advocacy
  • Personal and Professional Growth

The Board also assessed Dr. Hatfield around other objective performance standards, including Student Achievement, Community Engagement, Stewardship and the Discovery Character Development Program. 

The Board has determined that Dr. Hatfield has MET EXPECTATIONS for the 2018-19 evaluation cycle. 

The Board has determined that Dr. Hatfield has EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS for the 2019-2020 evaluation cycle.  


The Halifax Area Board of School Directors