1.                 I will be truthful.

    2.                I will make an effort to share my feelings and experiences with others.  (feel, felt, found – ex. – I know how you feel, I have felt,  and this is what I have found, in my experiences)

    3.                I will listen and not act defensively.  (You can’t hear with your mouth open.)

    4.                I will not give advice or complain.

    5.                I’ll be specific and speak for myself.

    6.                I’ll stay on the subject.

    7.                I’ll demand the best from others in the group.

    8.                I have a personal obligation to make this group work.

    9.                I will pay attention to what others are saying and have no private conversations.

    10.          I will try not to take comments personally:   if the shoe fits, fine.  If not, then throw it away.

    11.          What goes on in this group stays in this room.  (There may be times that an issue needs to be shared with the school staff for the benefit of the student.)

    12.          During clearing the decks:

    ·                   Prompt students to discuss issues with school and community.

    ·                   Provide feedback from intramural discussion to the intramural coordinator.

    ·                   Reinforce your connections with students and the students’ connection to the school community.


Last Modified on July 25, 2019