• What is Character Education?

    Character education is the deliberate effort to develop virtue--human excellence--as the foundation of a productive, ethical, and fulfilling life and a just, compassionate, and flourishing society.”

    Character education takes intentional steps to cultivate moral and intellectual virtues through every phase of school life--the example of adults, the relationships of peers, the handling of discipline, the resolution of conflict, the content of the curriculum, the process of instruction, the rigor of academic standards, the environment of the school, the conduct of extracurricular activities, and the involvement of parents. – Tom Lickona 2005.


    At Halifax High School, specific character development lessons are presented once a week. These “Discovery Rooms” are small multi-grade level homerooms that meet in the middle of the school day. 


    Students will focus on important character virtues such as Community, Respect, Accountability, Achievement and Attitude. All of our students participate in intramural and community service activities as a part of the Action/Reflection cycle. Discovery has also become a place where student can receive academic assistance and focus on setting goals for their future.
Last Modified on July 25, 2019