• The Character Development


    Putting  Character at the Center of Everything  We Do

    The Discovery Program

    At Halifax Area High School we are dedicated to providing our students with a quality education that includes a program for character development. As a School Community we are committed to providing our students with a positive school environment and a supportive school culture. We expect each student to take responsibility to do his or her best as well as have the courage to hold others accountable to do their best. To implement these activities, our entire student body has been organized into Discovery Groups consisting of approximately four students from each grade level from grades 9-12. The multi-grade level setting promotes a larger sense of community in our school.

    Discovery Activities

    Discovery Seminars and Discussions

    All students are involved in teacher – led discussion groups and seminars which focus on issues of character


    Sportsmanship and cooperation promote a sense of team work and form the basis of the action/reflection discussion

    Academic Days

    Occasionally, Discovery time is set aside for quiet study time, tutoring, or standardized test preparation

    School-Wide Jobs

    Students take ownership of the school and participate in keeping the school clean.

    Community Service

    Students organize activities such as food and clothing drives, collections for charitable organizations and community clean ups.

    Clubs and Activities

    Students may join up to four clubs that meet twice during our 6-day cycle

    2019-2020 Discovery Theme

    “Make a Difference”

     We consistently and pervasively use key words and principles in our interactions:

    Destiny, Humility, Conscience, Truth, Brother’s Keeper, Respect, Concern, Courage, Curiosity, Leadership, Integrity, Responsibility.

    For more information on the  Discovery Program at Halifax Area High School or Halifax  Middle School please feel free to contact an administrator.





Last Modified on July 25, 2019