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    The most effective, reliable, Internet Safety Filter is an Involved, Informed, and Aware Parent.
    Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids: (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue.) by Winn Schwartau, D. L. Busch (Illustrator)
    Internet for Kids

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    Peter Smith, Information Technology Association of America ..."the driver's education course for the Information Super Highway."

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    "Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents and Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue)
    The Book of cyber-ethical Questions for the Information Age

    It discusses, in a non technical language that everyone can understand, one of the most serious issues facing us today:
    Hackers, Hacking and Cyber-Ethics.

    1. How should kids behave on the Internet?
    2. How can parents help their technically fluent children?
    3. What can the schools and teachers do to assist?

    Cyber Ethics is an important mission that you will want to be a part of, and this book is only the first of a series of books that will be appearing in the coming three years on the subject, all talking to a wide variety of issues. CyberEthics for Kids and Families!

    Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is the first book to actively promote family and youth values and cyberethics in an entertaining, colorful way.

    Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is a colorful, extensively illustrated book written in an easy to understand, non technical format. No other book has been specifically targeted at non technical parents, teachers and kids who are in the greatest need of ethical education on issues they don't understand.

    Unlike the small handful of older books which preach ethics and tell people how to behave, Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids does not preach or suggest what is right or wrong behavior. Instead, it provides situational discussion provoking questions for the reader, the parent and the educator to discuss, evaluate and form the basis for personal ethics."

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