• Halifax Area School District Student Assistance Program

    The Halifax Area School District recognizes that in today’s society, individuals face stressful situations.  The Student Assistance Program is  designed to provide a means for early identification, intervention, and possible referral for student’s experiencing barriers to learning.
    A Student Assistance Program consists of staff members, school nurse, guidance counselors, administrators, and agency liaisons.  These individuals will act as a team to evaluate students referred to them to determine the level of risk.
    It is anticipated that the Student Assistance Program will accomplish the following:
    • Assist staff with its intervention efforts on behalf of students with substance related problems or high-risk situations.
    • Reduce the incidence of school related problems attributed to alcohol, drug related dependency, and problems associated with mental health.
    Students assessed to be at high risk shall be referred immediately to the County Mental Health Crisis Intervention Service or other appropriate counseling services.
    Referrals may come from anyone:
    • Self
    • Parent
    • Peer
    • Faculty or Staff

    In-service training of staff will be conducted to heighten awareness and understanding of the Student Assistance process and of students experiencing barriers in education.



    What is Student Assistance Program? Click Here


Last Modified on October 2, 2019