Greetings to the Halifax community!
    I join the Wildcats after having been the Assistant Principal at Susquenita High School for three years.  Prior to moving to school administration I taught Physics at Central Dauphin High School and Chemistry at a small, private school in Philadelphia.  Before entering the education field, I worked as an information technology consultant.
    I have a resolve to improve student achievement through a multi-dimensional approach.  In the classroom, this translates to student learning taking place at the intersection of technology, instructional methods, and content knowledge.  Outside the classroom, this takes form by connecting students to those activities that best align to their personal ambitions.
    Recognizing that student achievement takes place within the school community and understanding that the best environment to achieve is one where all members support one another through shared values, I firmly support and seek to advance the district's vision for the Discovery program.
    Halifax High School is, indeed, a vibrant school that uniquely integrates the best of both traditional and progressive ideas to empower and inspire our students to reach their potential as prepared, engaged, and responsible citizens. 
    I am grateful and honored to assume leadership of Halifax High School and invite you to contact me at any time to discuss whatever is on your mind as regards our learning community.
    - John Osuch 
Last Modified on November 6, 2016