Halifax Registration and Admissions

     Learning is a life long journey.

    Welcome to the Halifax Area School District! 


    To register your child at Halifax, we ask that you bring the necessary information below.


    Contact Kimberly Sayre, Central Registrar at 717.896.3416 X104 or sayrek@hasd.us Monday through Friday 8-4:00 pm.


    It is important to register your child as early as possible so we can schedule him or her into a classroom and plan for student transportation when necessary.


    When the paperwork is completed, and your appointment is made you will need to bring with you:

    • Completed Registration form
    • Original birth certificate, baptismal certificate or notarized copy
    • Proof of residence in the Halifax Area School District (examples: copy of rent receipt, rental lease, deed, gas or electric bill and real estate contracts are all accepted)
    • Proof of state required immunizations
    • Report cards from sending school (Report Cards AND Transcripts needed for high school students grades 9-12) 

    If you have any questions regarding registering your child in the Halifax Area School District, you can call Kimberly Sayre, Central Registrar at 717.896.3416  X104  sayrek@hasd.us



Last Modified on January 21, 2020