• Halifax Area School District's Technology Policy

    The Halifax Area School District is embarking upon an ambitious program to increase the use of technology in each of our classrooms. To that end, students will have greater opportunities to utilize this technology as part of their academic career in the district. With that opportunity comes increased responsibility for students, parents, and district staff.

    Parents must be aware that in addition to the vast resources available through on-line services such as Internet, there also exists material that may be deemed inappropriate for K-12 students.

    While on school district campuses, users will be supervised by site and/or district faculty and staff. While the district will make every reasonable effort to monitor and supervise activities to ensure they are appropriate educational uses of technology, the district cannot guarantee that students will at all times be precluded from material that may not be suitable for their use. It is the responsibility of each user and their parent or guardian to honor the use restrictions of the district and help enforce appropriate use of district technology service and on-line access.

    By this letter, the school district is hereby providing notice to all K-12 administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers, students, and parents concerning the existence of potentially inappropriate materials so that they can take added precaution when providing K-12 students with information over the Internet or other on-line access services. The determination of inappropriate material is subjective in nature, but generally is considered any material that does not have a direct relation to the student’s research or day-to-day use of such service. By signing the School District's AUP Policy Agreement the parent or legal guardian of the student named on that document, the parent or legal guardian is giving approval for their student to utilize these resources for the purpose of his/her educational program at the school. Concurrently, the parent or legal guardian is acknowledging that the student may have access that is not appropriate or related to the educational program. Please be advised that all students must sign the “AUP Policy Agreement Form” which acknowledges penalties ranging from suspension/termination of technology use to expulsion and criminal prosecution for violation of district policies and regulations regarding such use.
Last Modified on July 31, 2014