• ITS (Information Technology Service) @ Halifax

    The purpose of Technology at Halifax Area School District is to create a learning environment that is consistent with advances in technology and facilitates resource sharing, critical thinking, innovation, research, creativity, communication, collaboration, increased productivity and mobile learning.  All students and teachers use technology confidently and intelligently in order to facilitate life-long learning.

    Student device distribution is as follows:

    • HASD High School - 9 Chromebook Carts, 1 Windows laptop cart, 1 Windows lab, and multiple devices in the HS Commons and Media Center

    • HASD Middle School - 9 Chromebook Carts and devices available in the MS Commons and Media Center

    • HASD Elementary -  One iPad for each child in grades 2 & 3, Chromebooks for every child in grades 4 & 5, 1 Windows lab and 4 devices in the library.

    • Enders-Fisherville - One  iPad for each child and 1 Windows lab

    Every teacher has a dedicated computer running Windows or Mac OS and Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 Suite.

    All classrooms, offices and Media centers have been wired for network and Internet access. In addition all classrooms and offices have access to wireless.

    Our students have their own network accounts including storage space on the network. All students also have accounts with Google G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) and Microsoft Office 365. Student and staff Internet usage is filtered by ContentKeeper Webfilter. To help our students stay on task, devices are monitored by our ContentKeeper Reporting Appliance.

    Every computer in the district is protected against viruses by AVG Anti-Virus and Malewarebytes software. Virus definitions are downloaded daily and then automatically distributed throughout the district.

    The district's technology team responsibilities include maintaining all devices (hardware and software), printers and the equipment that connects them; collaborating with other staff to use information technology to better serve the district; identifying emerging technologies to meet the district’s changing needs; protecting the district’s investment in technology; and providing training to staff on the proper use of software programs and equipment.

Last Modified on April 18, 2017