• Halifax Area School District

    Wellness Program for Staff, Students, and Families

         The Halifax Area School District recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to students' physical well-being, growth, development and readiness to learn. The Board of Education is committed to providing a school environment that promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education and promotion, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience. In a healthy school environment, students will learn about and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices that can improve student achievement.

         School Board Policy: #246: Student Wellness outlines the role of the Board and the district's Wellness Committee in complying with federal and state laws and regulations. Click on the following link to learn more.  School Board Policy

         The Halifax Area School District annually informs and updates the public, including parents/guardians, student, and others in the community, about the contents, updates and implementation of the Wellness Policy via the district's website, the wellness committee's website, student handbooks, newsletters (The Halifax Gazette), posted notices (Annual Notice section of the website) and/or other efficient communication methods. This annual notification includes information on how to access the School Wellness Policy; information about the most recent triennal assessment; information on how to participate in the development, implementation and periodic review and update of the School Wellness policy; and a means of contacting Wellness Committee leadership.

         To learn more about the Wellness Committee, visit their website: halifaxwellness.weebly.com

         The Wellness Committee is always looking for new members. Contact the Superintendent's Office at 717-896-3416 extension 112 to learn more. 

         The Wildcat Wellness Committee annually tracks the success of the programs offered. Click on the link below to view their latest report to school and community.

    Wildcat Wellness Data October 2017

    Watch the Wellness Committee's Advocacy Video created by teacher/leader Nicole Czaplicki.