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      Co-Head Coach Tatum Enders           Co-Head Coach Lynn Long


     Varsity CH          MSCH

                               2018-19 Varsity Cheerleading                                                                   2018-19 MS Cheerleading



    Halifax Cheerleading
     Halifax has a Varsity, JV, and middle school cheerleading squad.  The varsity squad consists of males or females in grades 10-12 and the Jv squad consists of males or females in grades 9-11.  Jv and varsity squads cheer for football, soccer, basketball and wrestling.  Squads usually attend 1 or 2 competitions a year.
    Middle school squads are 7th and 8th graders and they cheer for the middle school basketball teams.
    Typically try-outs for cheerleading are held the end in March for the next school year.


Last Modified on August 27, 2018