• Halifax Grading Scale


    93 - 100     Advanced

    80 - 92     Proficient

    79 - 70     Basic

    69 - 0     Below Basic

    S - Satisfactory

    U - Unsatisfactory

    I - Incomplete

    M - Medical Excuse





    To enter the next grade, pupils in sixth, seventh and eighth grade must successfully meet the academic as well as the social and emotional requirements necessary for success at the next grade level.  Academic requirements hold that a student who has performed below basic in more than 1½ credit units of classes  may not be promoted. 

    If a student has failed up to 3 ½ credit units of classes during an academic year, that student is still eligible to pass to the next grade if they qualify to take and successfully complete 2 course-credit units of study over the summer prior to the start of the new school year.
Last Modified on September 16, 2020