• Teaming

    We realize that the transescent student experiences many physical, social, emotional, and intellectual changes during their middle school years.  We also realize that instruction in middle school must be relevant by meeting the intellectual and social-emotional needs of the students.  One method of ensuring student success in the middle school is to utilize a teaming approach.  A cooperative and collaborative team is comprised of five teachers, each representing an academic discipline, and the special education staff.  Daily meetings take a child-centered, solution-oriented focus honing in on student abilities and interests, behavioral trends, instructional techniques, cross-curricular learning, and enhancing curricular relevance.  This time set aside every day is the perfect opportunity to make connections between the home and school.  Feel free to contact your student’s team during the following times:


    6th Grade:  12:30-1:10 PM

    7th Grade:   9:06-9:46 AM

    8th Grade:    8:23-9:03 AM


Last Modified on February 3, 2020