• Severe Weather Preparedness Plan Sample

    The Halifax Area School District is providing this information for public view. This information is being shared to give parents and the public a sample of intervention strategies that are used during the weather emergencies.  Most aspects of the HASD Emergency Plan are confidential.

     Severe Weather: 

    • Direct all students, staff, and visitors to move away from all glass windows and doors and gather in the in-building structurally safe location.
    • Notify public safety by calling 911: police, fire and emergency services responders, as appropriate.
    • Notify the district office of the situation.
    • Designate staff to monitor radio, Internet, and other media for information on incident conditions.
    • Maintain contact with public safety officials and consult on whether additional procedures should be activated due to changing conditions of the incident.
    • Consult Communications Annex for community/parent notice, as appropriate.
    • When safe, give "All-Clear" announcement using the building Public Address System, 2-way radio, telephone, and/or megaphone. 
    • Report status to district leads, external partners, and Emergency Management.
    • Refer to Communications Annex for guidance relative to community, media, and parent communication.
    • Ensure After Action Reporting is completed to incorporate lessons learned into this plan. 


    • Close and lock all exterior doors and windows.
    • Take Go-Bag, class roster, phone lists, first-aid kit and other emergency supplies with you.
    • Instruct students to exit the room using the designated routes to the designated in-building structurally safe location.
    • Upon exiting the classroom do not lock classroom doors, close door and turn off lights.
    • Do not stop to retrieve student or staff belongings.
    • Help those needing special assistance.
    • Check the bathrooms, hallways and common areas for visitors, staff or students while exiting.
    • Go to designated in-building structurally safe location.
    • Upon arrival at the designated in-building structurally safe location check for injuries to person in your care. Report all injuries to the Incident Command Post.
    • Account for all students. Immediately report any additional or missing students to the School Incident Command Post.
    • Care for students and keep them quiet and calm.
    • Wait additional instruction.
    • Prepare to Safe-Cover for extended periods including arrangements for food/water, sleeping, hygiene, medical needs, etc.
    • Keep everyone in place until the Incident Commander gives the "All Clear" or gives other movement guidance.

     After Safe-Cover TEACHERS:

    • Monitor the emotional/mental health of students and refer for crisis counseling.
    • Support After Action Reporting by providing lessons learned for plan improvement.