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    SAT vs. ACT Comparison Chart
    The SAT and ACT are two very different college entrance exams. Both are nationally administered and are used to help colleges evaluate applicants. The SAT is essentially a three-part aptitude test (Reading, Math, Writing) while the ACT is more of an achievement test with four core sections (English, Math, Reading, Science) and an optional Writing section. Many colleges will accept either test or both exams. Some colleges require one (typically the SAT).    The chart below will help you understand the structure and content of the SAT and ACT.


    3 hours, 45 minutes

    3 hours, 25 minutes (includes optional 30-minute Writing Test)


    10 Sections: 3 Critical Reading, 3 Math, 3 Writing (including Essay), 1 Experimental (not scored)

    4 Sections (plus optional Writing Test): English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing


                 Critical Reading


            Writing (optional)


    Reading passages with questions pertaining to comprehension and sentence completion

    4 passages, 10 questions per passage



    Science (analysis, knowledge, problem solving)           


    Arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and algebra II

    Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry



    Optional (final section)


     Score Composition

                   1/3 Math
                   1/3 Reading
                   1/3 Writing

               ¼ English
               ¼ Math
               ¼ Reading
               ¼ Science


    Aggregate score 600 - 2400 based on total of 3 scores 200- 800 (Reading, Math, Writing)

    Score of 0-12 for Essay

    Composite score 1-36 based on average of 4 sections (English Math, Reading Science)

    Score 0-12 for Optional Essay.


     Penalties (typically ¼ point  deducted) for wrong answers

     No penalties for incorrect  answers

     Sending Scores to  Colleges

    Currently entire score history is sent. Starting with the March 2009 test date, students can select (“opt-in feature”) which will allow them to choose specific test date(s) – 3/09 and forward - and all scores from the selected test date(s) will be sent. 

     Student decides which  scores are sent

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