• Krista Harner

    Origins of American Film (S1)

    Modern American Film (S2)


    “Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater”.      

    –Roman Polanski

    Parental Consent Form for Film ViewingPermission Form

    Course Overview: This is an elective course that will study the history of film and how the business has evolved over time. Films will be selected, viewed, and analyzed based on genre (Horror, Survival, etc.) and/or theme (coming-of-age, dysfunctional families, etc.) Throughout the year, we will be doing several projects and/or critiques based on the movies that we watch. Students will be expected to view and critically reflect upon a series of feature films and/or film clips that examine topics such as politics, race, class, and gender. There will also be a current events requirement where students must present an article containing some kind of cinematic news (film reviews, upcoming movies, news about Hollywood stars, interesting cinematic events, etc.) that can be shared with the class.

    Necessary Materials: Students should have a folder or binder dedicated to Film class to keep all papers together and organized. Students should also come to class daily with their Chromebooks, pencils, and any other materials requested (homework, film review, current events news article).

    Current Events News Articles:  

    On their assigned day, students must find a news article related to an upcoming film, celebrity, or something that has to do with the entertainment industry.  Every Monday of the week, Row 1 has articles due; every Tuesday of the week, Row 2 has articles due; etc. After reading the article, students must answer Who, What, Where, When, Why and How on a piece of paper and present their information to the class. Articles are worth 10 points each, which doesn’t seem like a lot but actually adds up quickly throughout the marking period…so don’t forget your articles!       

    Units of Study Based on Genre & Theme

    Semester 1: Origins of American Film

    *Hollywood Classics




    Semester 2: Modern American Film

    *Dysfunctional Families

    *Biopic Study


    *Inspirational Sports

    *Actor or Actress Study


    *Mrs. Harner’s Favorite Blockbusters

    will also be sporadically included

    throughout the school year!


    Classroom Expectations:

    1) No cell phones, headphones or earbuds (unless specifically approved) may be present or used in my classroom. Failure to follow this policy will result in consequences.

    2) Every student should enter the classroom and be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any student who is not physically present in the classroom when the tardy bells rings is late and will be marked accordingly. You will receive a warning for your first tardy but will be referred to the office after that.

    3) Absolutely NO food or drink is permitted during class. Gum, however, is acceptable as long as it is not a distraction to the class or my instruction.

    4) You may NOT get up and move around the classroom without permission, unless there is an activity that requires you to do so. All students are also required to sit in their assigned seats at all times.

    5) In order to leave the classroom for any reason, you MUST sign-in and sign-out using e-hallpass.

    6) Classroom participation is expected. Points will be given for being actively involved in class discussions, projects and film viewing. Actively involved means that you are doing what you need to do in order to maintain a good working environment. On film days, you should be paying attention to the movie, NOT doing other homework/assignments, talking, or sleeping. If you are caught doing these things, then points will be lost and disciplinary action may be taken.

    7) Film class is unique because it is very difficult to make up the viewing of a movie. If absent, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to view parts of movies that you have missed, if you need to see them in order to complete projects or assignments.

    8) Any work that is due on the day you attend a field trip or you miss class for any reason when you are marked ‘present’ is due that day either before you leave OR upon your return prior to the end of that school day. Work turned in the next day will be considered late—no exceptions! It is YOUR responsibility to bring me the proper forms/passes in order to miss class and check for work before you leave. Field trips are NOT an excuse to turn in work late.

    9) I offer very little Extra Credit, if at all. Be sure that all assessments are studied for and all assignments are completed accurately and on time.

    10) Each student is expected to maintain a healthy learning environment. No student disruption or disrespect will be tolerated. This includes your behavior to me, your peers, and all Aides, Substitutes, and other guest visitors. If you are asked to leave the classroom, you are to report to the High School Office, unless directed to report elsewhere. Please know that I will be sure to follow up to ensure that you have arrived. Any unsatisfactory behavior to a substitute teacher will be written up and detention will be recommended.

    11) Finally, please be:             PREPARED                        KIND                     RESPECTFUL                     PATIENT                      TOLERANT                                                                             POSITIVE                         HONEST                 OBEDIENT                        ACCOUNTABLE             ON TIME

Last Modified on June 13, 2019