• Krista Harner

    12th Grade General English


    “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read”.

    –Groucho Marx

    Course Overview: This year we will tackle active-reading strategies, read a fiction and nonfiction novel, study drama, and analyze some poetry. We’ll also delve into how to write for different audiences and purposes, and how to effectively present projects to our peers. Writing assignments this year may include reading responses, research papers, personal essays, journaling, and poetry.

    Necessary Materials:

    -3-ring binder: at least 1 inch thick that is dedicated to English class. This will help with organization, as students are expected to keep important papers and projects in their binders and bring them to class daily.

    -Writing utensils: pencils, pens, highlighters

    -Required novel, and/or other materials announced

    Ongoing Classroom Procedures:

    *Everyday Edits: This will be the Please Do Now exercise at the beginning of each class. Students will have a brief grammar or writing exercise to complete, which will then be reviewed and discussed. There will also be quizzes based on these grammar exercises, so it is very important to ask questions and get clarification when needed!

    Classroom Expectations:

    1) No cell phones, headphones or earbuds (unless specifically approved) may be present or used in my classroom. Failure to follow this policy will result in consequences.

    2) Every student should enter the classroom, be in your seat, and working on their Everyday Edits when the tardy bell rings. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any student who is not physically present in the classroom when the tardy bells rings is late and will be marked accordingly. You will receive a warning for your first tardy but will be referred to the office after that.

    3) Absolutely NO food or drink is permitted during class. Gum, however, is acceptable as long as it is not a distraction to the class or my instruction.

    4) You may NOT get up and move around the classroom without permission, unless there is an activity that requires you to do so. All students are also required to sit in their assigned seats at all times.

    5) In order to leave the classroom for any reason, you MUST sign-in and sign-out using e-hallpass.

    6) When you are absent, see me as soon as possible since you are responsible to complete all make-up work, notes and readings. You are allotted one day for each day absent as per our District Policy. Please choose an ‘absentee buddy’ within your English class so you can check-in with that person upon your return as well.

    7) Any work that is due on the day you attend a field trip is still due that day either before you leave OR upon your return prior to the end of that school day. Work turned in the next day will be considered late—no exceptions! It is YOUR responsibility to bring me the proper forms/passes in order to miss class and check for work before you leave. Field trips are NOT an excuse to turn in work late.

    8) I offer very little Extra Credit, if at all. Be sure that all assessments are studied for and all assignments are completed accurately and on time.

    9) Each student is expected to maintain a healthy learning environment. No student disruption or disrespect will be tolerated. This includes your behavior to me, your peers, and all Aides, Substitutes, and other guest visitors. If you are asked to leave the classroom, you are to report to the High School Office, unless directed to report elsewhere. Please know that I will be sure to follow up to ensure that you have arrived. Any unsatisfactory behavior to a substitute teacher will be written up and detention will be recommended.

    10) Finally, please be:     PREPARED                             KIND                           RESPECTFUL               PATIENT                     TOLERANT                                                                         POSITIVE                              HONEST                       OBEDIENT                  ACCOUNTABLE            ON TIME

Last Modified on June 13, 2019