Recommended Study Time

    What is Recommended Study Time?

    RST is an opportunity that provides students after school time to complete school work in a supervised environment. 

    A Message From Your School Administrator:

    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    It is our hope that the Recommended Study Time Program will be viewed as an opportunity for students to complete assignments and achieve a greater level of academic success. The completion of homework assignments is an essential part of the educational process. Too often incomplete assignments have an immediate effect on a student’s grades, hurt a student’s ability to learn important concepts, and make it more difficult for a student to do well on assessments.
    The time a student spends in RST will be time well spent. Students will have the opportunity to complete assignments and study under the supervision of a certified, dedicated teacher. Successful completion of the RST may also allow the student to avoid disciplinary consequences and the accumulation of demerits.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at 896-3416. Forging better communications between schools and parents will only serve to benefit the students.
    Yours in Education,
    Mr. David R. Hatfield 

    2014 RST Pamplet

    The Rules for RST:
    Complying with these rules will result in a successful RST.
    • Students will bring a list of assignments to RST. If they arrive with “nothing to do” they will be assigned vocabulary building assignments or mathematics practice.
    • Students will report to B5 at 2:30 p.m. with ALL needed materials. Unprepared students may face disciplinary action. 
    • Students should also bring textbooks that they can read when all written work is done. RST is finished at 3:30 p.m.
    •  Students will quietly work individually, unless told otherwise. Students are expected to be self-motivated. A certified teacher will supervise the students.
    • All other school rules as defined by the student handbook will apply to RST.
    • Students failing to come to a scheduled may be written-up for a class cut. Students are expected to remember the date you have selected for their RST & their RST make up date.
    • If the student is absent on the scheduled RST date, they will be expected to attend on the make-up date.


Last Modified on December 19, 2014