• -Halifax Area School District-Board of Directors Overview-

         The Halifax Area School District is governed by nine (9) board members. These board members are elected officials and receive no compensation for their service to the school and community. School board members in Pennsylvania are elected to four-terms, with the election process calling for five members being eligible for re-election during one election cycle and four being eligible in the next cycle. This 5-4 rotation eliminates having nine new members on the a school board and helps ensure consistency and continuity. In Halifax Area, School Board Directors are elected "at large," meaning they can live anywhere in the school district.

         The Halifax Area School District Board of Directors operates in a committee format. Committees meet during the first monthly meeting.  The Finance Committee focuses on issues dealing with finances and contracts. The Education Committee reviews items concerning curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The Student Services Committee is tasked with matters related to transportation, athletics, special education, and extra and co-curricular activities. The Building and Property Committee addresses issues central to facilities and the maintenance of the district. All committees review and revise district policy and administrative regulations as it pertains to their specific areas.

         Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. All citizens of the school district are encouraged to attend the meetings and/or participate on a committee.  Additionally, public meetings are broadcast live and archived at https://livestream.com/hasd


Last Modified on January 21, 2020