• Teacher Website Guidelines

    Web Page Development Policy for Halifax Area School District’s Professional Development Services’ Teacher Websites

    The availability of Internet access in all Halifax Area School District’s Schools provides an educational opportunity to contribute to the World Wide Web. This medium also provides a means of meeting the National Educational Technology Standards in which teachers use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community in order to nurture student learning. Teacher web pages are public documents welcoming the outside world to the classroom and linking students and staff to outside sources of information. Guidelines are required in the construction of school web pages to ensure that information on the pages is appropriate for any Internet user from around the world to access.


    Halifax Area School District has contracted with SchoolWires.com to host all District, Schools and Classroom websites. Official school/classroom web pages will not be located on any other external web server.




    Teachers posting to the district-based web server are responsible for meeting the guidelines in this document. These guidelines cover management of content and format of teacher web pages. Teachers must ensure that all links are functional, up-to-date and linked correctly to their school/site pages.


    The teacher is the only person authorized to upload files to the server. The teacher is solely responsible for the content of their assigned portion of the Halifax Area School District web site. Do not share your username and password with students or parents. Sharing of your username and password is a violation of the Authorized User Policy.




    Communication Links

    No web page content should allow people accessing the page to contact any student directly. Communication with respect to the content of any page must be directed either to the principal of the school or to the classroom teacher.



    Teacher web pages may not contain advertisements. Halifax Area School District must make a special effort to distinguish its web sites from commercial web sites.


    Identification of Students

    For a student's name, picture and/or information about the student to appear on a classroom web page, you must obtain a signed Consent, Waiver and Release form from the parent or guardian. Teachers should proceed with caution and sensitivity in this area and obtain authorization from their principal to do so. Filenames for pages and images should be checked to ensure that students' names do not appear there, e.g., marysmit.gif, jimpaul.html.


    Personal Home Pages

    Personal home pages for students or staff members are not permitted. Linking to a student's or staff member's personal page on an external site is not permitted.


    Respecting Copyright

    Copyright must be respected. The author of the Web page must not use copyrighted materials without permission.


    Claiming Copyright

    Copyright may be claimed by the author for original work. The Halifax Area School District’s Internet Policy states that there is to be no commercial use of the District’s Internet connection.


    Content Standards


    Subject Matter

    All subject matter on classroom Web pages and their links must relate to curriculum and instruction or school-oriented activities. This web site may not be used as a forum to advance your own personal beliefs or causes. Some examples include, but are not limited to, references and/or links to commercial, political, social, religious or philosophical organizations outside the scope of curriculum.



    All work must be free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Documents may not contain objectionable material or point directly to objectionable material.


    Student Safeguards

    The District has chosen to establish these guidelines for publishing Web pages in the interest of protecting students. Documents may include only the first name and initial of a student's last name unless the student's parent or guardian has given written and dated permission to use a full name. Documents may not include a student's phone number or address or the names of other family members or friends.


    Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members or to a general group e-mail address whose arriving mail is forwarded to a staff member.


    No pictures of students (video or still) or audio clips will be published without written and dated permission from the student's parent or guardian.


    No original student work will be published without written and dated permission from the student's parent or guardian.


    Any e-mail address links, survey-response links, or other direct-response content may be made to staff e-mail addresses only; not student e-mail addresses.


    School Board Policies

    All documents on district web servers must conform to School Board Policies and be compliant. As web sites are not secure, no student attendance, grades or discipline may be posted. Any deliberate tampering with or misuse of District web pages, network services or equipment will be referred to Halifax Area School District’s Administrative Team for possible disciplinary action. The Superintendent or Senior Technology Professional or their designee reserve the right to revoke access or disable web sites at any time, based upon their sole discretion and judgment.


    Technical Standards

    In the interest of maintaining a consistent identity, professional appearance, and ease of use and maintenance, technical standards are established for all Halifax Area School District Web pages. It is the responsibility of the school staff member to obtain the training necessary for creating, troubleshooting and maintaining web pages. Each web page added to the district web site must contain certain common elements:

    ·         There must be a page in each Teacher website that displays the teacher information and includes teacher credentials.

    ·         Many programs export to HTML. Teachers are not limited to any specific piece of software. Schoolwires is used for designing web pages. Care should be used in creating extensive files with tiled backgrounds, large graphics, or unusual or dark color combinations. These files can take a long time to download, frustrating users and slowing down the server. Try to keep the load time within 30 seconds for the home page. These guidelines will be evaluated and updated as needed in response to the changing nature of technology and its applications in the Halifax Area School District. Should you have any recommendations for modifications that would improve these guidelines, please email them to: helpdesk@hasd.us


    Thank you.



Last Modified on February 18, 2019