• -Halifax High School National Honor Society Induction Process-

    Mrs. Schultz, NHS Advisor, is providing information regarding the NHS induction process:

    All cumulative GPA’s are looked at mid school year (after the second quarter) for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students – the students must have earned a 94% cumulative GPA since 9th grade.

    The list of names is forwarded to Mr. Osuch so that he may compile all discipline records.

    At this point the faculty committee (comprised of 5 teachers other than Mrs. Schultz) look at student discipline records and determine if the student moves on to the next step.

    Students who are eligible for the next step will receive an application packet during a meeting. The requirements are explained and a deadline is given for the return of the packet.


    -(2) school and/or community service clubs
    -Evidence of leadership either within school or community activities or class
    -(6) hours of community service within the year
    -2 to 3 letters of recommendation

    Once applications are received by the deadline date, the faculty committee meets again and makes the determination based on the information provided, whether a student will be inducted into NHS. If a student does not meet all requirements, they receive a letter detailing suggestions for improvement so that the induction process can be met for next school year.

     Students who meet all requirements will receive a congratulatory letter and an information sheet to be completed by the student. The information collected will be used for the induction ceremony. Important forms are located below.