• You are visiting this portion of the website because you would like some or all of your professional development/conference funds to go towards professional development or a conference for one of your colleagues.  You may also complete this form if you know that you will not be attending any professional development for the current school year.  Your allotment will be kept in a pool for others to use.
    In order to access the conference procurement form, you will need to be logged in to Google using your "myhalifax.us" account.  Logging in through this account creates a secure environment that enables us to know that only you permitted funds to be allotted to someone else.  
    If the link below does not work properly, please visit www.google.com and select "Sign in" in the upper right hand corner. Your email address is "username@myhalifax.us" (user name is the same as it is for your district account).  Use your district password to gain access.  If you do not have "myhalifax.us" account, or are not sure of what it may be or if you have issues accessing the form - please contact Dan Borrelli.   
Last Modified on November 18, 2015