• INJURED??? Get this filled out by an MD/DO: Physican Recert following Injury (Section 9)

    Any athlete who has been sidelined by an Athletic Trainer, Physician or other medical professional due to illness or injury, MUST complete the above form by an MD or DO in order to return to play. 


    Pre-Participation Forms

    Before any athlete can participate in a sport, athletic packets must be completed and turned into the Athletic Office.  A physical examination must also be completed by your family physican after June 1st of the up-coming year. Click your sport below to print out paperwork or forms are available in the in the athletic office.

    NEW ATHLETES (did not play a fall sport)

    1. Acknowledgement of Warning Form
    2. Pre-Participation Physical Form (Sections 1-7) (Archery does NOT need Section 7)
    3. Concussion Form
    4. Drug Testing Consent Form
    5. Handbook Acknowledgement Form
    6. Photo Consent Form
    7. Student Athletic Handbook
    8. ImPact Testing (Conducted seasonally by the Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer)
    9. Participation Fee of $35 (annual fee)

    RETURNING ATHLETES (played a school sport in a previous season this school year)

    1. Acknowledgement of Warning Form (Sport specific)
    2. Parent Recert Form (Section 8)


Last Modified on May 19, 2021