Pre-K Counts 
    Many young children start kindergarten and first grade with big smiles and high hopes.  Yet, too many other children see those hopes dim as they slip farther beyond their classmates.  The social costs - in human and financial terms - seem insurmountable.
    It doesn't have to be that way.  Pre-K Counts in Halifax, is a unique, public-private collaboration between philanthropies, state government, and innovative school district-community partnerships providing what national research has shown elsewhere:  early learning in quality preschool settings is the key to helping all children succeed - now and in the future. 

    2022-23 school year applications are now available by contacting Carla Sauer @ sauerc@hasd.us or 717-896-3416 ext127.

    Enrollment is offered to Halifax Area School District resident children aged three and four at Halifax Elementary School.  Enrollment is restricted to children who reside in a family whose income is at or below 300% poverty level - please see the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines.  All services are free.

    To enroll your child, download and print the application, check to make sure you qualify using the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, and return the completed application with a copy of your most recent Income Tax 1040 form to Carla Sauer at the Halifax Administrative Offices.  Students are accepted on a priority basis which includes date of application, income level, and additional risk factors.
    If you have general questions regarding the Halifax Area School District Pre-K Counts Programming, please call Carla Sauer at 717-896-3416 extension 127 or email sauerc@hasd.us.