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Key Communicator News and Notes


-Key Communicator News and Notes-

Alone we are strong; together we are stronger.

     In the Fall of 2017, the Halifax Area School District introduced the UNDIVIDED Movement. Halifax UNDIVIDED seeks to (1) help teachers increase the time they have to spend on education and student growth; (2) demonstrate the power of community to youth; and (3) present an environment of hope and inspiration to children, parents, and staff.

     One of the many projects to come from Halifax UNDIVIDED is the creation of a Key Communicators Group whose purpose is to:

(1) Increase communication between the school district and the community.

(2) Engage the community in helping HASD provide the best possible services it can to students and families.

(3) Serve as a resource for all stakeholders to turn to for accurate and timely information about the accomplishments of the district.

(4) Address misconceptions quickly.

(5) Increase volunteerism in public education and the community.

(6) Help HASD strengthen its relationship with the community.


The meeting is Monday, June 18th has been postponed.  

Please check for updates on future meetings.


Meeting Minutes: 1/25/18:

 Key Communicators Meeting Minutes 1/25/18

2018-2019 Preliminary Budget Presentation

Cyber Charter School Legislation

CAOLA Parent Booklet


Meeting Minutes: March 22, 2018

Key Communicators Meeting Minutes 3/22/18

Communities that Care Documents and Update


Volunteer Opportunities:

Click here to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available in the district and the community.

Volunteer Opportunities