Welcome to our Blogs

Many websites have become ‘blogs’, which are interactive websites where the managers of the site (school) and the visitors can communicate with one another by posting comments. As part of our focus on technology this year, we have added sections to our website for blogging. We want to use our blogs to inform our community about the great things that are happening at our schools. Our blogs will also provide important information to parents about our school programs and events. Students will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents throughout the school year. Our blogs will be an interactive site where parents, staff and students can comment on a variety of topics.
We invite students, staff and parents to provide us with feedback on the overall structure of our blogs. Ongoing news and activity items will be added as posts and will be displayed throughout the site. If you become lost in the blog, you can always click on the Site Map menu, located in the top of each page, to see how the overall website is organized.

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