• Elementary School Counseling

    Halifax Elementary School students have academic, personal, and social needs. These are the focus of the elementary school counseling program. These needs are met through three modes of school counseling: individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons.
    Students may be referred for individual counseling by parents/guardians, staff members, or self-referral. Confidentiality is maintained between students and the school counselor. The exceptions are if the student reports wanting to harm himself/herself or others, or if the student reports abuse.
    Small group counseling enables students to connect with peers who are experiencing similar challenges in their lives. Students may be involved in small groups focused on topics such as divorce, social skills, self-esteem, grief and loss, study skills, or others as needed. Parents/guardians or staff members may refer students for small group counseling. Parent/guardian permission must be obtained before a student may participate in small groups counseling.
    Classroom guidance lessons are taught in the regular classroom by the elementary school counselor. Lessons cover a wide range of topics including bullying prevention, refusal skills, conflict resolution, drug abuse prevention, career awareness, and others as developmentally appropriate.
    If you would like to refer a child for school counseling, please contact Mrs. Stephanie Hoover, elementary school counselor, at 896-4053 extension 315, or email hoovers@hasd.us .
Last Modified on April 3, 2019