Welcome to the Halifax Area School District!

Pursuing Excellence in Character and Academics 

            Where has the time gone? The last six months have passed quickly as I set out to learn what makes the Halifax Area School District a great place to discover and achieve our best. The entry plan interviews are finished, prevailing themes have been identified from the notes and data, and critical tasks have been outlined to ensure the district’s academic and financial future.

As Wildcats, we have much to celebrate. We are proud of our school’s history and the shared commitment to community service. Our children are nurtured and respected by a student-focused staff, many of who are Halifax alumni. Our Discovery program ensures our graduates are prepared to be productive citizens of strong moral character. The district enjoys the support of many stakeholders from business, industry and community. 

            As your superintendent and "lead learner,"  my priority is to ensure all of the district’s children are given opportunities to realize their full potential: academically, technically, socially and emotional. To this end, by using the entry plan process, the administrative team and I identified important tasks to complete during the next three to five years. While many of these tasks focus on academic initiatives to ensure all of our students receive an education that is rigorous and relevant, several of these tasks focus on addressing the financial and facility maintenance needs of the district. Our “To Do” list (the projects we plan to accomplish in the next three to five years) can be found in the left hand column.

            The character and academic centered excellence the staff and I desire for our students cannot be achieved without the support of the community. I hope you will consider joining us as we “roll up our sleeves” and get to work. As always, I welcome your visit to the district. Please contact me at 896-3416 extension 112 should you be interested in chatting with me.


                                                                                                        Go Wildcats!

                                                                                                        Michele M. Orner, Ed.D.-Superintendent

Last Modified on December 1, 2014