Robert Hassinger


As Halifax Area School District Superintendent, I would like to continue to develop the goodwill and cooperation that is already present among the members of the Halifax School community. As our parents, our community and our school continue to work together to do what is in the best interest of our students, I hope we will always be able to develop even more trust and respect for one another. We must always remember how important it is that all members of our school and community feel valued and appreciated. It takes all of the members of our school community working together to create a positive and productive school culture.

There is nothing that our society should value more than our children. If we keep their interests on the forefront of our imagination, we will create a school and a school community that will provide our students with wonderful opportunities and advantages to help them develop their own unique talents. Whether we are preparing children for further education or for entry to a job, our students must feel that their school community truly cares about them and is always working to make decisions with their best interests at heart.

Robert E. Hassinger
Last Modified on September 24, 2012