Communities That Care

Communities across the country have a vested interest in making sure that young people develop into healthy productive citizens and avoid behaviors that can jeopardize their own health and well-being and threaten the well-being of their families and neighborhoods as well. Substance abuse and delinquency are prime examples of behaviors that get in the way of positive development.

Researchers in the field of prevention science have identified a number of factors that make it more likely or less likely that a young person will adopt problem behaviors. Prevention scientists have drawn on these findings to design programs aimed at preventing youth from getting caught up in delinquency, drug use, and other problem behaviors, and they have evaluated these programs using rigorous scientific criteria.

Emily Layser serves as mobilizer for the Halifax CTC and regularly meets with students to facilitate service opportunities and social events for our teens that promote a sense of community and social values.  Mrs. Layser also is the club advisor for SADD and Aveidum.  She can be reached at 896-3416 or   

Last Modified on July 11, 2013